What Qualifies as Tax Deductible Business Travel Expenses?

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Do you go on overnight business trips? Read this article learn what business travel expenses are write offs.

What qualifies as tax deductible business travel expenses?
Learn about what you can write off when your travel overnight for work. Read more below.

Whether the taxpayer is traveling as an individual (i.e. for their own business) or as an employee of another business, the IRS has rules about what qualifies as business travel, and business travel expenses.

Business travel is defined as taxpayer travel, away from their home, for work that includes overnight stay as a business requirement.

If the travel does not include overnight stay, then the incurred expenses do not qualify as business-related travel expenses. For details about what the IRS defines as “away from home” please review the article, IRS Business Travel Definition for “Away From Home”.

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What business travel expenses can I deduct?

The Travel Expense

The cost of the travel by airplane, train, bus, or car between the taxpayer’s home and business destination is tax-deductible.

Transportation Cost

The cost of the travel expense is tax-deductible when a taxpayer uses their own car at a business travel destination.
There are two ways to calculate this travel expense:

  1. The actual expenses method, and
  2. The standard mileage rate method.

    For more information on these methods can be found in the Falcon Expenses resources post, How to Maximize Business Use Car Tax Deductions. Also, business-related tolls and parking fees are tax deducted. For rented cars, only the business-use portion of the expenses is a travel expense write-off.

Meals and Lodging

Dry Cleaning and Laundry

Business Communications

For example, while on a trip the cost of telephone calls, internet, email, faxes, etc. are tac deductions.

Baggage, shipping fees between regular and temporary work locations.

For more information on temporary work locations please review the post, Temporary Work Location Commuting Expenses Tax Deductions.

For further details on recordkeeping requirements for the above-mentioned expense types please review the post, IRS Rules for Recording Business Expenses: Travel, Transportation, Meals, and Entertainment.

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