IRS Business Travel Definition for “Away From Home”

The IRS definition of business travel and what qualifies as IRS business travel based on the IRS business travel definition.

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  1. The business travel must be ‘away from home’.
  2. The business travel must be for a duration of an ordinary day’s worth of work.

Are Transportation Expenses Business Travel Expenses?

Transportation expenses are a type of expense incurred by an employee or someone self-employed while traveling for business. These expenses are part of IRS business travel.

Are Commuting Expenses Business Travel Expenses?

Examples of Business Travel

If your office is in Sacramento and you travel for business to San Francisco for a business meeting where you stay at a hotel for one night, your expenses from this trip are deductible as business travel expenses. The deductible expenses would include the cost of your mileage, meals, entertainment, etc. However, if you travel for work within Sacramento and rent a hotel for one night, these expenses wouldn’t be deductible. This is because you didn’t leave your tax home. If the taxpayer regularly works in more than one area, their tax home is the area where the main place of business is located. This main place of business will likely be where the taxpayer spends the most amount of time. For more information on this tax topic, see IRS Tax Topics, Topic 511-Business Travel Expenses.

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Learn more about the IRS rules for recording business expenses by reading this post, IRS Rules for Recording Business Expenses: Travel, Transportation, Meals and Entertainment.

Factors That Determine Tax Home

The following three factors can be used to determine tax home if the taxpayer does not have a regular place to work.

  1. Firstly, the taxpayer performs part of their business in the area of the main business home and uses that home for lodging while doing business in the area.
  2. Secondly, the taxpayer has living expenses are the business home that are duplicated because the business requires the taxpayer to be away from that home.
  3. Lastly, the taxpayer has not abandoned the area in which both is the historical place of lodging and that the taxpayer has claimed is the main home. Or the taxpayer often uses the home for lodging.

Satisfying these three requirements means that the taxpayers home is where they regularly live. Depending on all of the facts and circumstances, by satisfying only two of these requirements, it may be considered a tax home. Satisfying one factor means the taxpayer is itinerant; that tax home is wherever the taxpayer works and the taxpayers cannot deduct travel expenses.

Source: IRS Publication 463, Ch 1, Travel

? Download Falcon Expenses
Falcon Expenses is free to download. If you’re on a desktop it’s best to use your iPhone and search for Falcon Expenses on the app store.

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