Falcon Expenses: Expense and Mileage Tracker

Falcon Expenses Mobile Expense Reporting App

Expense & Mileage Tracker
Maximize deductions & reimbursements

Never forget to keep track of mileage again! Never forget those obscure receipts again! Never spend HOURS recreating that expense report at the end of the month again! Shy not? Because you have already scanned that receipt, and you have already put mileage in, either manually or by actual odometer reading, and you have generated an expense spreadsheet report which is simple sand neet, surely to be accepted by any sales manager! I LOVE THIS APP! Never dread that expense report again!
– Jerry Waldron

Automatic Mileage Tracker

Track mileage expenses as you drive with Falcon’s accurate GPS mileage tracker.
The tracker runs in the background while you drive. It won’t fail mid-drive.
Falcon’s auto mileage tracker is great for small businesses and self employed, such as sole proprietors and delivery drivers.

Don’t want to track miles while you drive?
Use Falcon’s odometer log. 
Log start and end odometer readings, Falcon will calculate the rest for you.

Falcon Addresses Mileage Tracker App

Receipt Vault

Never lose a paper receipt again!
Snap pictures of receipts as you receive them.
Safely store them in your Falcon app.

Falcon Expenses Receipt Vault

Time Logger

All it takes is a tap to keep track of hours worked. In addition, timesheets are organized and kept in one central location.

Falcon Expenses Time Logger

Create & Email Reports

From your phone create and email reports to anyone.
Export reports in PDF or Excel formats.
PDF reports emailed from Falcon look like the image shown to the right. 

Falcon Expense Report Export

Get Started Today

The average Falcon customer logs over $6,600 in annual tax deductions.
Each day you wait to get started, the more deductions you potentially don’t log.
Download today.

Falcon Expense and Mileage Tracker App

About Falcon Expenses

Falcon Expenses was founded on the idea that tracking your expense should be hassle-free. Using the Peregrine Falcon, the fastest and most efficient animal in the world, as our symbol, our goal is to help you track expenses and miles manage in the most efficient and intuitive way possible. 

We developed a fully mobile experience that releases you from going to your laptop. All your information is captured, saved, organized and exported from your phone.