Falcon Expenses Mileage Expense Tracking Features Track mileage expenses in 3 ways: with your GPS, enter odometer readings, or enter start and end address of your business trip

Log Mileage Expenses in 3 Novel Ways

  • Auto-track mileage expenses with the GPS on your phone. Let Falcon accurately log your mileage expenses while you focus on your work.
  • Enter start & end addresses to calculated the driving distance and the amount of the mileage expense. This is particularly helpful when you need to quickly a lot of mileage expenses that you didn’t remember to log at the time of incurring them.
  • Keep a log if start and end odometer readings neatly on your phone. Falcon will calculate the miles traveled and the amount of the expense between the two readings for you.

GPS Tracker

Falcon Expenses GPS Mileage Expense Tracker