5 Things a Realtor Should Bring to an Open House

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This article provides five essentials a realtor should bring to an open house.

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Hosting an open house is not easy. There are many things that a realtor must plan ahead in order to ensure the best possible outcome. After all, you want the house to sell sooner rather than later. A realtor needs to be prepared on the day of an open house. Save time and money by preparing in advance and arriving with the things you need.

1. Balloons

Have you ever seen an open house sign and then shown up to the open house to discover that no one is there? Balloons are a must. It signals to those that see your sign that there is an active ongoing open house. It ensures that you get the most visitors to your open house and maximizes your opportunity for an offer.

Pro tip: Bring a small helium tank with you if you’re a really active realtor with many open houses. Otherwise, make sure to map out where you to get balloons filled near your open house, before your open house dates.

2. Sign in Sheets

In order to keep track of each potential buyer, make sure that you have a sign in sheet at your open house. You can use a computer or pen and paper for this. However, make sure that you get each persons name, phone number, and email address. Email addresses still remain king as the most valuable digital marketing asset, including in real estate. 

3. Fact Sheet

Be prepared for people to ask you the same basic questions about the house you are showing. These questions include, what is the square footage, how many rooms are there, how many bathrooms, etc.

As a realtor or real estate agent you are likely working on tens if not hundreds of different properties making it easy to forget the most basic, and credibility-building details of your open house. A great way to solve this problem is to pre-print the facts onto a fact sheet to have at the open house. This also has the added benefit of making it so that you don’t have to answer the same questions over and over again. Instead, you can get into deeper discussions with prospective property and homebuyers about the property. What makes it unique, its added benefits, etc.

4. The Proper Documents

There are many documents that go into selling a home. Here we have listed a few that are important for a realtor to have when showing a home at an open house.

Always have a blank copy of the following:

Buyers Representation Agreement

A buyers representation agreement is a legal document that formalizes a working relationship with a particular buyer’s representative. It details the services that the buyer is entitled to and what the buyer’s rep expects from the buyer.

Most importantly, it also ensures that you get the maximum commission from anyone that attends your open house and ultimately becomes a buyer.

Listing Agreement

A listing agreement is a contract between the property owner and a real estate agent.

Below are some resources about listing agreements.

This article was published by Fit Small Business. It is a great resource for the different types of listing agreements.
What is a listing agreement?

Seller’s Disclosure Notice

A Seller’s Disclosure Notice is a set of documents completed by the seller of the home. It includes any known issues with the property and any remodel projects completed during the time since they owned the home. In most states, the seller is required to provide this disclosure within a few days of mutual acceptance. 

The purpose of a seller’s disclosure notice is to help protect the buyer from defects or problems regarding the property. It gives the buyer advance notice of any defects or problems with the property. Therefore, the buyer can prepare and budget ahead of time what needs to be fixed.

It is nice for a realtor / real estate agent to have this on hand at the open house in order to prevent any future surprises that might stall or even end the closing of a house sale.

Listing Presentation

A listing presentation is used by real estate brokers to get a listing from a home seller. It contains valuable information about the selling realtor, their reputation, the property, and more. Often, home buyers are interested in much of this information. Please note that a listing presentation is highly customizable and each realtor, community, and property might bear different requirements. With that said, we have provided various resources below for creating a listing presentation to meet your specific needs.

This post was published by Realtors Property Resource. It covers everything you need for a stellar listing presentation. It includes everything from what to include in the presentation to pro tips about how to give the presentation.
21 Steps to a Stellar Listing Presentation

If you prefer to watch instead of reading, check out these videos.

This one is from Lori Ballen’s YouTube channel. Lori Ballen is a real estate agent with a lot of valuable advice and tips to share.
Listing Presentation Tips for Real Estate Agents

You can also check out Tom Ferry’s YouTube channel. This video is great for listing presentation tips.
10 Steps to a Great Listing Presentation

5. A Good Attitude

It’s always a good idea to put a smile on your face and a positive attitude. This is particularly important when you are helping home buyers buy a home. 

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