Top Dasher Requirements: Learn About DoorDash’s Reward Program

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Are you a DoorDash Driver? Then you need to learn about the Top Dasher reward program requirements so you maximize your earnings.

What are the Top Dasher requirements? Read this article to learn.

What is the name of DoorDash’s reward program?

DoorDash call’s their reward program, Top Dasher. Top Dasher’s are eligible for rewards, read on to learn about these.

What are the Top Dasher requirements?

DoorDash specifies the following requirements to join the Top Dasher program:

  1. At least a 4.7 customer rating
  2. An acceptance rate of at least 70%
  3. At least a 95% completion rate
  4. During the last month 100 completed deliveries
  5. Completed at least 200 lifetime deliveries

How does the program work?

DoorDash will consider you a top driver if you meet the program requirements at the first of each month. For example, you qualify to be a top dasher if, on the first of September, you meet all of the above five requirements. Therefore, if you are currently not a Top Dasher and you qualify to be one on the 20th of the month you have to maintain your status as a non-Top Dasher until the first of the next month.

How do I find out if I’m a Top Dasher?

In your Dasher app go to the DoorDash driver log in, then to your Account. From your Account, tap ‘Dasher Rewards’.

What are the Top Dasher program benefits?

Delivery Driver Priority when New Deliveries are Slow

This is a valuable Top Dasher program benefit if you like to make a lot of money. This benefit enables you to focus only on high-value orders. Dasher’s see an immediate increase in weekly earnings with this program benefit.

Dash Now Anytime

The advantage of this program benefit is you can do dasher food deliveries on your schedule.

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