7 Tips for Realtors for a Great Listing Presentation

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A definitive list of tips for realtors to create an excellent listing presentation that is guaranteed to grow their client base.

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Read on to learn how to create a winning listing presentation. A great resource for realtors.

What is a listing presentation?

A listing presentation is a meeting that a realtor has with a homeowner to discuss the sale of the homeowner’s home. During this meeting, the realtor often brings a listing presentation that provides an overview of their process and how they would market and sell the home.

Why do you need a great listing presentation?

It’s already hard enough to get the listing appointment. Therefore, once you have the appointment you want to make sure that you come prepared and know your stuff. Otherwise, all that time and work you put into getting the appointment will go down the drain. With that said, make sure that you have an awesome listing presentation.

7 Things a Realtor Should Include in Their Listing Presentation

1. Comparable Home Sales

In your presentation include comparable home sales located near the homeowner’s property. This will give the homeowner a realistic understanding of how much they can sell their home for. In addition, it will show that you as the realtor know what you are doing and thus that you will do a good job selling their home.

2. Details about the Local Housing Market

You want the home seller to find you knowledgeable on the market. It’s even better if they consider you an expert. In order to do that it is critical that you use facts. To gather these facts do your research on the home sales in the area and include this information in your listing presentation.

To prepare a good listing presentation you need to have a ready real estate script that will answer all of the questions of your potential buyers. The most common question that your customers will probably ask, is “how’s the market” and you need to give realistic and straightforward answers to satisfy their questions. Most of the customers will be confused by the current situation because of the covid pandemic and Tom Ferry shares his script to respond to the questions about the real estate market today

3. Client Testimonials

Social proof is one of the most effective marketing tools in your arsenal today. Further, one of the most effective forms of social proof marketing is client testimonials. Don’t be shy to show off the excellent things your previous clients have to say about your services. Experience speaks louder than words and their experience with your needs to be shared loudly.

Pro tip:

Provide your previous client’s phone numbers so that your home seller prospects can call them for a first-hand testimonial and recommendation. Of course, get their consent first.

4. Personal Statistics

Use your past success to build more success. Home sellers want to know that you have done this before with homes like theirs. Do your homes sell 20 percent faster than average? Do they sell at 10% higher than average? These are all personal success metrics that should be included in your listing presentation. If you have the data to back it up, then use the data.

Pro tip:

Print out your current listing and past sales. Then bring this printout with you to the meeting.

5. Photo of the Property

Make the extra effort to take a photo of the property. This will show your prospective client that you are a true professional and that you take your job seriously. Most importantly, it will show individual attention, which will convince the homeowner that you are going to truly dedicate time to the sale. Also, it gives you a chance to view the condition of the property.

6. Ask Questions

When you are at the meeting be sure to ask the homeowner questions. This shows that you are interested in the homeowner’s needs and personal wellbeing. No matter what the question is demonstrate active listening and genuinely engage. After all, real estate is largely a people business and that means building relationships is important.

7. Follow Up With a Thank You

This is a great way to build rapport and leave a lasting impression on the homeowner. It takes only a small amount of your time and the value created is far higher than the time invested.

Pro tip:

Send Flowers

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