7 Things to Not Forget When Packing for a Business Trip

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Traveling for business already comes with its unique stresses. Here are some things not to forget when business trip packing.

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Going on a business trip and wondering what to bring? Read to find out.

This blog post contains a list of seven key items that business travelers often forget–so that you don’t forget them again. It also contains pro tips for business travelers that travel a lot, also known as road warriors.

1. Chargers and Charger Cables

Modern business people are connected to their phones, computers, laptops, and tablets. We are plugged in. Constantly checking emails, doing work, etc. Without these devices working properly we would not be able to do the work that we are likely traveling for. With that said, keep a charger cable compatible with each of your devices on hand at all times. Therefore, you can keep the devices that you rely upon charged and working. You have no other options in a technology-driven modern society.

You should have a charger cable for your phone and your laptop. Also, bring the cable to charge your portable battery for those that carry a portable battery.

If you travel a lot for work, say more than 25 percent of the time, then keep an extra charging cable for each of your devices (i.e. phone, laptop, and battery) in your bag at all times. That way the next time you are called on to travel for work you have fewer things to pack as they are already packed for you.

This includes the charger for your computer, phone, and portable chargers.

If you need a new portable charger or power bank we found a great list, with reviews, of some that you should check out. This list was published by TechRadar:
The Best Powerbanks of 2019: Portable Chargers to Keep Your Gadgets Going

2. Business Cards

When you’re going on a business trip you are likely not traveling to a different city to lock yourself inside a hotel room or office and work all day. You are most likely traveling for the purpose of meeting people in person. Whether that is new people at a conference or meetings with an old or new client. Either way, you probably should bring some business cards to pass out as you become acquainted with new people during your work. This is proper business etiquette.

If you are an independent, sole proprietor, or freelancer and you need to print new business cards we recommend moo.com. They offer a great selection of different business cards that you can print. Also, their prices are very good. The quality is great and your cards come out on heavy, quality paper. Further, they have many templates and designs to choose from. You can even upload your own logo. We particularly like the matte finish. Check out Moo today, we are not paid for this recommendation. We just know how great they are from personal experience.

3. Drivers License

You should have your driver’s license on hand in the event that you are required to drive a car while you’re away.

You never know what’s going to happen when you’re away. Maybe a new meeting or opportunity pops up that you can only get to by a rental car that you drive. Or maybe while you’re on your trip you realize that you have time to go see another client in a nearby city that is only possible if you drive to. Whatever the reason you always want to be prepared.

4. Something to Sleep in

We know how important it is to pack the proper clothes that you need for the daytime. However, also don’t forget to pack something to sleep in. This is an often-overlooked item to pack and leaves you feeling naked, literally and figuratively, when you realize you have forgotten it.

Pack something small to sleep in so that you don’t take up too much space in your suitcase. Remember, you’re the only one that’s going to see your PJs.

5. Tights (for women)

The one thing that is so easy to forget when you are planning to wear a skirt is tights. Depending on your industry, the dress code might vary and tights might not even be required. However, especially if it is cold outside traveling businesswomen will want to wear tights. This is the perfect way to keep your legs warm while traveling to and from business meetings. In addition, it will also keep you warm during the meeting. It’s always a good idea to keep a spare pair of nude tights around. Nude tights will match well with any outfit. Therefore, if you like wearing skirts and dresses while traveling for business, don’t forget your tights.

Keep an extra pair of new, in-box, tights in the front of your suitcase. This is a perfect solution for women that travel a lot for business (ie you’re a road warrior). This way you will for sure never forget this important item again.

It is always the little details of an outfit that we don’t remember. When it comes to men’s outfits those are often cufflinks and ties. This tip is for you if are a man that travels for business, which requires you to wear a tie and you have dress shirts that require cuff links. While you can live without a tie, despite the fact that the dress code might call for it, cuff links are necessary for your button-down to be worn. Therefore, both are important not to forget.

Keep a pair of cuff links and a tie (that matches with everything) in your suitcase if you travel a lot for business (ie you’re a road warrior). That way when you are preparing for your next business trip everything is already there.

7. Toothpaste

Sure you can probably ask for it at your hotel’s reception. Also, you can most certainly buy it in any city. However, who wants to be inconvenienced. Therefore, we had to add this one. We added it to the bottom of the list. So don’t forget your toothpaste.

Also, don’t forget to secure your home before you travel. Check out this article for useful tips about bout how to secure and prepare your home for travel, here.

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