Do you have to keep paper receipts for taxes?

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Read this article if you’re a small business, self employed, or freelancer and want to know, do you have to keep paper receipts for taxes?

Do you have to keep paper receipts for taxes?
Are you wondering if you have to keep your paper receipts for taxes? Read this article to find out.

Do you have boxes full of paper receipts?

Small business owners, self-employed, freelancers, independent contractors, or any taxpayer has at one point wondered if they need to hang on to their paper receipts.

Most of you have probably asked yourself, do you need original receipts for tax purposes?

If you’ve asked yourself this question then you definitely want to keep reading this article.

Do you have to keep paper receipts for taxes?

The IRS doesn’t mention anything about keeping paper receipts except in one case. See more details on that below. In fact, the IRS says, “Electronic information management has become the standard in the private sector… instead of continuing to use traditional paper books”.

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What does the IRS require you to keep?

The IRS requires you to keep the following records:

  • Merchant
  • Date
  • Amount

Basically, what you bought, when you bought it, and for how much. There is no mention of paper receipts at all. So go right ahead and keep a digital record of your business expense purchases for taxes. Check out this article for a complete list of IRS expense record-keeping requirements for all expense types, 

When do you have to keep paper receipts for taxes?

For purchases over $75, you need to keep paper receipts. So if you take a client out to an expensive meal, and it cost over $75 then you need to keep a paper receipt. For all other purchases, as long as they’re considered ‘reasonable and ordinary’ expenses, you don’t need a receipt.

What to do if you get audited?

The IRS is legally required to accept digital proof of purchases for tax write-offs. So don’t worry. In addition, digital forms of proof of purchase include bank statements and credit card statements.


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