Covid-19 Resources for Small Business Owners & Self Employed (You May be Eligible for a Federal Relief Grant)

A list of helpful resources for the independently employed and small business owners to help them survive the coronavirus pandemic.

Covid-19 Resources for Small Businesses and Self Employed

This list contains information about coronavirus federal relief grants, access to stimulus checks and other government programs pertaining to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Falcon Expenses hopes everyone is safe, in good spirits, and most of all in good health during these unpredictable and challenging times.

Before we begin, we would like to provide some links to other articles that are also providing valuable resources for small business owners and the self employed to help them through these challenging Covid-19 times. Falcon Expenses goal is to keep our customers and readers as up to date as possible so this post will be updated as things change. In addition, the links below to other articles on corona resources for small businesses and freelancers should provide you with anything that we potentially missed.

US Corona Virus Information

Funding, Grant and Loans

Other Resources

7 Work from Home Tips (Especially Helpful for Those New to Working from Home)

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