Fully Mobile Expense Tracker. Never go to a desktop.

Falcon Expenses is an iOS solution for expense tracking and management. Scan receipts, we type merchant, date and amount, auto-track mileage expenses via GPS and log billable hours with an integrated timer. Quickly organize expenses by time period, project or client and easily prepare reports for email to anyone in PDF or spreadsheet formats, all from your phone. Use for reimbursements, taxes, record keeping or invoicing. Falcon Expenses is great for professionals, freelancers, realtors, business travelers, truckers and more.

Accurately Scan Receipts

Toss those receipts. Take pictures of receipts while on-the-go and we enter the data for you.

We enter . . .

  • Merchant Name
  • Date
  • Amount
Watch a demo video, here

Create custom tags and categories, and add comments to expenses. All receipt images are attached to submitted expense reports.

Auto-Track Mileage Expenses

Never forget tax-deductible mileage expenses.
Track in three different ways:

  • Use your phones built-in GPS
  • Enter start and end odometer readings
  • Enter the start and end address, driving distance or trip calculated
Watch a demo video, here

Log Billable Hours

Use an integrated timer to track billable hours. Billable hours are calculated based on the hourly rate provided by the user and the number of hours tracked or entered.

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About Falcon Expenses, Inc.

Falcon Expenses was founded on the idea of a fully mobile workforce and the utilization of mobile technology to create a solution for expense tracking that requires little to no human intervention. Using the Peregrine Falcon, the fastest and most efficient animal in the world as our symbol, our mission is to help professionals and businesses do their expenses in the most efficient and intuitive way possible.

Rated by About.com as one of the best iPhone apps for tracking expenses and time.

"This app has a clean, uncluttered look and it scans receipts then extracts date, amount, etc. and organizes the information for expense reporting. Falcon Expenses also tracks mileage reporting using your iOS device GPS and keeps time logs. Reports can be emailed from the app as a spreadsheet or PDF."

Watch a demo video, here.

Shelley Elmblad, About.com