Simple Mileage Logging for Multiple Cars (Tips You Don’t Want to Miss)

Do you need to keep a mileage log for more than one car? Continue reading for tips about how to log miles efficiently.

You already know how tedious it is to keep a mileage log for one car. If you have two cars, it is even more challenging. There’re ways to make it easier to log tax-deductible mileage if you drive more than one car for work. Be more efficient and save a lot of time by applying the tips we have outlined below.

  1. For those that prefer paper mileage logs
  2. For those that want to be tech savvy, take advantage of mileage logging apps

Paper and Pen Mileage Logs For Miltiple Business Cars

If you find more comfort in sticking to a traditional pen and paper mileage log there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you have more than one vehicle things can get a little tricky. One tip for simplifying this process is to keep a mileage logbook, along with a calculator, in each vehicle you need to log tax-deductible mileage. On the first page of each logbook, write the name, make, license plate number, and start odometer reading.

It should look something like this:

2021 Mileage Log
Vehicle Make:
Vehicle Model:
Start Odometer Reading:

Each time you get in your car to use it for work you open your mileage logbook, which you have stored under the dashboard. In your mileage logbook, you write down the start odometer reading. At the end of your drive, you log the end odometer reading.

For each drive, you record (where you have the start and the end odometer reading) calculate the mileage driven. You do this by subtracting the end reading from the start reading. Next, take this number and multiply it by the standard mileage rate for that year. Or whatever your per mileage deduction or reimbursement rate is. Refer to this article for an updated list of the per-mile reimbursement rates published by the IRS, IRS Standard Mileage Rates. We find it’s easier to do this with a dedicated calculator, than using the calculator on your phone each time.

Mileage Log Apps, Efficient Mileage Logging for Multiple Cars

Efficiently log business miles for tax deductions using the standard mileage rate with a mileage log app. There are many apps on the market. One of the major time-saving benefits of a mileage log app is it does the calculations for you. Also, it often integrates automated GPS tracking. This means you no longer need to carry a calculator around with you in your car. Further, you no longer need to spend time calculating your miles driven as the apps do this for you.

One of our favorites is Falcon Expenses. Clearly, we are biased. Let us explain. Falcon Expenses provides the most flexibility for you when logging tax-deductible mileage for multiple cars. This means you’ll likely find a comfortable option for managing multiple vehicles and their tax-deductible mileage logs with Falcon Expenses. There are multiple ways to group mileage expenses for each car and organize them so you save time and money. Many other apps only provide you with one way to organize your mileage logs based on vehicles. Or they only support the organization of mileage logs for one vehicle. With Falcon Expenses, this is not the case.

About Falcon Expenses

Falcon Expenses is an iOS solution for expense tracking and management. Scan receipts, we type merchant, date and amount, auto-track mileage expenses via GPS and log billable hours with an integrated timer. Quickly organize expenses by time period, project or client and easily prepare reports for email to anyone in PDF or spreadsheet formats, all from your phone. Use for reimbursements, taxes, record keeping or invoicing. Falcon Expenses is great for professionals, freelancers, realtors, business travelers, truckers and more. Find out more, here.

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